Saturday, July 15, 2006

A very tame Fox

Today (15th July) I visited Old Winchester Hill with Mike. Both Mike and I like to visit this site early when the sun is out, as it was today, to catch the basking butterflies. Today was no exception. Plenty of Red Admirals, Painted Ladies and Commas were on the bramble bushes. It was quite breezy so there weren't many butterflies out on the hill at this time. Having got back to the car park by 9 Mike went off and I decided to stay another hour or so to take some photo's. On the way round Mike had mentioned that Dave, a voluntary warden, had been feeding a tame Fox. At the time I thought nothing of it but When I returned to the car park after my walk round there was a Fox playing around at the end of the car park. They are usually quite wary animals but this one paid no attention to me as I packed my car. In fact it walked up to me and stopped within 5 feet for a few seconds before casually walking off.

Here are some photographs of it:

This was only about 5 feet away

The Fox slowly wondered off but was not bothered by my presence.

Here is a list of the butterflies we saw:

Red Admiral - 67
Comma - 15
Painted Lady - 13
Marbled White - 75
Small Skipper - 35
Meadow Brown - 60
Small Tortoiseshell - 3
Dark Green Fritillary - only 3
Speckled Wood - 1
Ringlet - 15
Small Heath - 6
Gatekeeper - 25
Chalk-hill Blue - only 5
Large Skipper - 1
Essex Skipper - 2
Small White - 3
Green-veined White - 2
Large White - 1

Some butterfly photographs from today:


Green-veined White

Marbled White

Painted Lady

Red Admiral

Red Admiral