Friday, August 04, 2006

Silver-spotted Skippers

I took a morning visit to Old Winchester Hill today in the hope of seeing Silver-spotted Skippers. It was mainly cloudy at first with a cool breeze but some sunny spells started to appear. As I walked along the top path and out onto the hill most of the butterflies were still inactive but no skippers. I decided to walk down to the bottom of the hill where it was more sheltered and warmer. Immediately the skippers showed in small numbers and I was able to take some photos as they were still quite posy.

Photographs of Silver-spotted Skippers


Some of the butterflies seen:

Painted Lady - 24
Red Admiral - 18
Silver-spotted Skipper - 8
Dark Green Fritillary - 4
Clouded Yellow- 2
Chalk-hill Blue - 1000s once the sun came out

Also a Hummingbird Hawkmoth