Friday, May 21, 2010

Martin Down

Today I visited Martin Down with Mike. No wind, 20c+ early morning, the first real butterfly emerging late May day we've had. A lot of the butterflies we saw were obviously freshly out; Brown Argus, Marsh Fritillary, Common Blue, Small Blue, Small Heath.

List of species:

Brown Argus 20+
Small Copper 3
Small Heath 6
Dingy Skipper 10
Grizzled Skipper 3
Common Blue 10
Brimstone 12
Orange Tip 6
Green-veined White 3
Peacock 4
Speckled Wood 4
Green Hairstreak 4
Marsh Fritillary 4
Small Blue 6

Some photos:

Brown Argus

Dingy Skipper

Grizzled Skipper

Marsh Fritillary

Orange Tip

Small Blue

Small Copper

Distant Corn Bunting


Common Buzzard

Burnt tip Orchid

Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Forest Wildlife Park

We went to the New Forest Wildlife Park for the first time.

What an excellent place.

We were really taken by the thought that has gone into housing the animals and by the general cleanliness.

The butterfly house was superb. Some pictures of the butterflies:

The Otters are a big attraction here with 3 species: the North American River Otter, Eurasian Otter and many Asian Short-clawed Otters. The talk given by a member of staff at feeding time was excellent.

North American River Otters

Asian Short-clawed Otters

There are also several species of Owls. Here are some pictures of the Barn Owls, 1 of a female Snowy Owl and a Great Grey Owl.

The park has 4 species of Deer: Sika, Fallow, Muntjak and Red. The Sika deer are very tame.

Sika Deer

Fallow Deer

Also a family of Wild Boar

The Dad

The Mum

Some of the kids

Newly arrived are 3 Wolfs

And a Wallaby with a Joey

The park also has Lynx, Scottish Wildcat, Polecat, Mink, Ferret, Hedgehog and an excellent display of Harvest Mice.