Friday, May 21, 2010

Martin Down

Today I visited Martin Down with Mike. No wind, 20c+ early morning, the first real butterfly emerging late May day we've had. A lot of the butterflies we saw were obviously freshly out; Brown Argus, Marsh Fritillary, Common Blue, Small Blue, Small Heath.

List of species:

Brown Argus 20+
Small Copper 3
Small Heath 6
Dingy Skipper 10
Grizzled Skipper 3
Common Blue 10
Brimstone 12
Orange Tip 6
Green-veined White 3
Peacock 4
Speckled Wood 4
Green Hairstreak 4
Marsh Fritillary 4
Small Blue 6

Some photos:

Brown Argus

Dingy Skipper

Grizzled Skipper

Marsh Fritillary

Orange Tip

Small Blue

Small Copper

Distant Corn Bunting


Common Buzzard

Burnt tip Orchid